11.11.11 Messages for the year ahead

During my 11:11 ceremony on Friday morning I asked for messages for the remainder of 2011 and for the year ahead. These messages were confirmed by the cards that I selected. Details below:

Advice for the remainder of 2011…

Colours: Pink, Red, Orange

Courage: Find the courage to be true to yourself and act with integrity.

Mary Magdalene: Find unconditional love for yourself and others. Rise above the need to defend your position and find peace in accpetance.

Sexuality: Now is the time to heal any issues affecting your sexuality/sacral area. These issues usually stem from childhood relating to guilt, shame and self worth. Regain the pleasure that comes from sex, intimacy and sensuality.

Advice for the year ahead…

Colours: Blue, Purple, Turquoise.

Intuition: Learn to trust your instincts over your logical mind. Listen to your heart.

Rhiannon: Get outdoors, connect with nature, animals and the universe. This will assist you in reconnecting with your true spirit and purpose. Share your love, insights and healing abilities with others.

Celebrate: Connect with people you love and collectively put your energy into celebrating the joys of life, both big and small. By demonstrating appreciation you attract more joy.

An overview – now is the time to focus on healing any long-standing issues, finding courage to face your demons and accessing love and acceptance for all. Those who go through this transformation will access increase spiritual and intuitive abilities and discover their true purpose in life. Everyone is encouraged to celebrate everything you have to be grateful for in life.