Urge Surfing – Mindfulness for unhelpful urges

It might sound like a strange idea but breathing into and accepting your unhelpful urges or “urge surfing” will help to reduce the control they have over you. And what is an unhelpful urge?

Any urge that compels you to carry out a behaviour that you want to give up, reduce or that has a negative impact on your life. Urge surfing is very useful for breaking the pattern of addictions and avoidance behaviours as well as to assist you in making mindful choices rather than unconscious ones.

Start with something you do that is problematic for you and begin to notice when you’re having the urge to do it. Once you’ve become aware of the urge occurring before the action, you then have the opportunity to work with the urge to “ride it out” until it decreases and/or to reassess what’s truly important.

Consider the example of an overweight compulsive eater. It’s obvious that surfing the urge to have an unnecessary snack instead of mindlessly eating is going to be a healthy choice. Even if the surfing only delays the snack initially… the snack will be mindful because of the urge surfing.

With practice, urge surfing can be a very powerful tool to overcome addictive, unhealthy and “uncontrollable” behaviours. Give the exercise below a try:


Leaves On A Stream Mindfulness

By being mindful, present and by observing your thoughts you can learn to see thoughts for what they truly are – simply pictures and words. They can’t hurt or control you. The best way to enjoy the benefits of mindfulness is simply to give it a go!

The “leaves on a stream” visualisation is a very popular one for observing thoughts. If the image of a stream comes to you easily, that’s great! If you have difficulty visualising, see if you can imagine black moving ‘space’ or a conveyor belt if that’s easier.

Here’s my version of the classic leaves on a stream.

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Spiritual Healing Explained Pt 2

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Spiritual Healing also assists with complex and unusual issues. The client may be aware of such issues or they may present themselves during the session. For example…

Past Lives can impact and influence our behaviours, beliefs and personality in this life. Trauma or emotional pain from previous lifetimes can be carried with us throughout many lives. This may present in this life as phobias, anxiety, grief,  bodily symptoms, or unexplained emotions or physical sensations. I will be shown past lives that are ready to be healed and support the client to re-integrate lost elements of their soul.

Releasing Karma from all lifetimes and dimensions can facilitate deep healing and forgiveness as well as repair relationships that have been bound by karmic contracts. With my support, karmic bonds from this life and previous lifetimes can be severed and released.

Entity Removal is often necessary for individuals that have never had a healing. When we are emotionally and energetically vulnerable we can open our self up for attack from dark energies that then reside in our light body. Entities can often go unnoticed however they may leave victims with a feeling of low energy, sluggishness or even bloating and pain. Entity removal may take quite some time and often requires significant healing energy to repair the body.

Spiritual healing is a useful approach when an individual is experiencing unexplained emotions or physical discomfort. I gain access to divine wisdom on the client’s behalf and support them to release what is no longer serving them, allowing for healing to take place and for greater spiritual enhancement. Would you like to find out more about spiritual healing? Feel free to contact me.

Spiritual Healing Explained Pt 1

Spiritual Healing is a broad term describing a combination of alternative techniques used for just about any life issue integrating energy work and guided visualisation, encouraging the recipient to take an active role in their own healing journey. In my therapy room the client lies face up on a massage table and is guided to quiet their mind and relax.

I have been trained and attuned to connect to spirit as well as the specific guides, angels and masters that are working with the individual (whether known or unknown) to provide an insight into their needs. I scan the body for problematic energy blockages and pain/trauma and follow my guidance to apply the appropriate technique. Some common techniques include:

Energy Balancing and Clearing involves channeling universal energy into the body and energy field as well as the removal of blockages that are ready to be cleared. This involves direct contact with the individual. When energy is being cleared, clients may feel lighter, more open and perhaps feel the need to cry, breathe deeply, yawn or express strong words or emotions. This is a normal and welcome part of the clearing process. When channelled energy is being received it may feel similar to reiki/seichim (I have attunements in both) and is different for everyone. Energy work leaves client feeling grounded, connected to spirit and energetically lighter. I use energy balancing in all healings in combination with other techniques.

Inner Child Rescue is the most commonly required healing approach. The client connects with a childhood scenario or event that was traumatic, damaging, emotional or powerful. This will either be determined by the individual prior to the healing or I will identify the event during the initial body scan. The client takes the perspective of the observer of this event and is then guided to foster a relationship with their child self, allowing them to voice their suppressed emotions and surrender toxic resentment.

Forgiveness means to let go of unhelpful blame, resentment, grudges and bitterness towards another. This does not mean to say that any harmful or abusive behaviour is being excused or permitted through the forgiveness process, more so that the self damage caused by holding onto this pain is released allowing for greater acceptance and self love.

Cutting Ties involves severing the unhelpful energetic ties that have been formed between the individual and people in their life. This will free up the client’s energy and give them a sense of taking their power back. This process can greatly improve relationships as the restrictive ties are removed and only the loving ones remain.

Mindfulness is the art of observation, pure awareness and connection with the present moment. This is incredibly helpful for those experiencing anxiety, flashbacks, stress or mind racing although anyone can benefit. Mindfulness gives the individual a peaceful break from their busy lives.

When is the right time to have a healing? All of us can benefit from having regular healings throughout our life journey. Times of change, trauma, ill health or stress may call for more frequent sessions. Listen to your intuition about when it feels right for you.

More information about spiritual healing in Pt 2 of this post

Transform your negative attitude towards your job

I gave some advice to a friend recently who was struggling with some co-worker’s unhelpful behaviour as well as generally feeling dissatisfied with her work. She is actively looking for alternative employment but I offered her the below techniques to assist her in the meantime so that she is able to feel more positively about her current situation.

If you find your workplace emotionally draining or if you would like to improve your attitude towards your job and co-workers, give these quick strategies a go.

1) Take a moment to sit quietly.

Visualise your route to work filled with love and peace, however that may appear for you. (white light, rose mist etc, no people around etc)

Take a few moments to fill every place along your journey to work with this beautiful energy.

Then see your workplace and all the people within it and surround them all with the same peaceful love.

Take some deep breaths and see this pure light healing all the staff including yourself until only love remains.

(You can do this anytime. It will assist you to experience more positive thoughts and feelings around your workplace)

2) Ask yourself, “what sort of employee do I really want to be?”.

Make a list of the qualities you would like to embody at work.

Recognise that you will find more happiness by behaving in line with these values than you will by blaming others for their unhelpful behaviour.

Make it your goal to be the person you want to be without the need for approval. 

3) Think of someone that you admire and respect (a real life person you know, a celebrity/personality, a fictional character etc), preferably someone who possesses some of the qualities you listed above.

Now, whenever you are challenged or frustrated at work as yourself “What would that person do in this situation?” “How would they feel/react?”.

See what you can learn about operating at your best from this person or character. Change your behaviour to be more like them.