My Journey: Trying To Conceive

I think that hindsight is one of our greatest gifts. I discovered this on the year long journey I faced trying to conceive a child.

As a healthy woman I had no doubt that I would fall pregnant straight away. I knew my cycles really well and I felt pretty good so I really didn’t consider that there could be any problems. After a few months  however, I began to get frustrated (and impatient) so I made an appointment to see a holistic doctor – the only problem being that he had a 3 month waiting list!

Here was my first challenge: waiting. I can’t stand it. But of course there was no use in fighting things beyond my control so I took some of my own advice and found acceptance. After meeting with the doctor and having some routine blood tests I discovered that I wasn’t as healthy as I first thought I was. I had major deficiencies in iron, vitamin B, magnesium, vitamin D, zinc and had cholesterol levels so LOW that it was effecting my hormones and my body’s ability to produce essential minerals. This was heavy. Then on top of all of this we discovered that I also had a digestive parasite (which was the cause of my low iron).

This was not all bad. It was not a diagnosis of a chronic or terminal illness or some sort of hereditary or genetic disorder beyond my control. All of these things could be corrected and repaired. Even though I knew this, my reaction was as if I had received a tragic diagnosis. Here was my next challenge: negative thoughts. I struggled with despair and self-hatred before reaching the point where I felt ready to tackle the issue.

Soon after I was hit hard with my next challenge: money. And not just about actually finding the finances to buy all the supplements/food/products I needed but the underlying issue of not believing that I was worthy of having this money spent on me. This had been a recurring issue of mine and it was finally being presented to me in a way that I could not ignore. So I desperately wanted health (in general but also for the greater purpose of having a child) but I felt constantly guilty about the money I was “wasting” on getting there.

This was a long and painful lesson. Getting rid of the parasite involved a 3 month herbal cleanse that had several unpleasant symptoms. Some days I was in so much pain that I was not able to do anything at all. I started to feel sorry for myself and think that my situation would never improve. I’m sure you can imagine what thinking like this achieved!

When your “in the middle” of a journey or transformation it can be difficult to see end in sight. This is where, in hindsight I can see that it was all worth it and that it didn’t drag on for as long as I thought it did. This is where an outsiders perspective can really help. For me it was my doctor – who also does cranio sacral healing. We worked through my issues around worthlessness and he helped me to face my fears head on. He explained how we need to take a spiritual/emotional approach to physical symptoms in order to heal them fully and prevent their return. I agree with this completely! And I must admit that worthlessness related to spending money on myself had been an ongoing issue for me.

He asked me about the sort of headspace I would like to be in when I have a child and worthlessness did not enter into it – I had to deal with this first! In order to experience the extent of my worthlessness I had to face the reality that I might not be able to conceive a child. I allowed myself to release the associated grief, frustration, self-blame and pain. I retreated while I went on my healing journey. It took me a few weeks but I emerged refreshed and connected with all that gave me meaning and purpose – whether or not my future involved being a mother.

I had found peace which allowed me to transcend the “problem” of not being able to fall pregnant and just enjoy being exactly where I was in that moment. This really took the pressure off! Instead of seeing this as a “problem” I recognised it for the gift that it was.

It probably doesn’t come as a surprise to discover that I fell pregnant within a month after this!

Moral of the story: We always attract situations that are perfect for us to learn what we need to learn.


March Energy

Wow! It’s coming on strong and fast isn’t it? How are you coping?

January brought up many challenges for people, some of which were so torturous they felt as though they would never end… then it clicked over to February and those of us who had faced our fears received a breath of fresh air. Those people are probably loving the new energy that March is blowing in.

This is a time for those who are ready to fast track our clearing and healing, raising our vibration along with the lightworkers around us. People who struggled during January and did not find resolution may also be facing struggles now. The new energy that arrived yesterday is urging us to unearth our demons and work through our deep seated issues once and for all. The time is NOW!

This fast-paced energy comes with a warning: expect to be challenged again and again until you find the courage to heal what is necessary. If it doesn’t serve you, let it go. If you’re not sure how or if things seem stuck, reach out and ask for help.

It seems that things will settle down in April so why not ride the wave and step up to the March challenge! I’d love to hear how you’ve all been tracking this year.


Have you ever wondered why you attract certain people into your life? Or perhaps why the behaviour of another has a certain affect on you?

I would like to introduce the concept of reflections (also known as projection). It is very simple. Imagine that everyone in your life – even those with whom your encounters are only brief – as a mirror, reflecting back to you the same energy that you contain within yourself. Knowing this allows you to approach everyone with openness, compassion and love rather than allowing them to have a negative impact on you.

Feel some resistance to this idea? Hear yourself saying “but I could never be as selfish/insecure/rude/aggressive/etc as him”? This is your ego talking. Your ego will constantly compare you to others and tell you why you are better than they are if you let it run the show.

So, let’s stand back from it all for a moment… Can we agree that all humans are equally  deserving of love, compassion and respect? Even though we are all at different points on our journey, no-one is “better” or more deserving than another. So… in essence we are equal, we are all challenged by our imperfections and are therefore sensitive to the imperfections of others.

By seeing the people in our lives simply as beautiful reflections of ourselves we have so much to learn and gain. But what if you don’t like or understand the reflection? Try running through the following steps:

  • Ask yourself “What feelings does this person’s behaviour stir up in me?” & “What is this teaching me about my values/boundaries/expectations?”. You may identify some unresolved issues within yourself that you would not have uncovered otherwise.
  • Ask yourself how you might display this behaviour. Look into your past or to times when your demons have surfaced. If you can’t find it within you, imagine the circumstances that would be required in order for you to behave this way. Once you find compassion for the part of you that is capable of this behaviour then you can also find compassion for person displaying the behaviour.
  • Finally ask yourself what you can learn from this situation and what you can be grateful for. Finding some appreciation for the person or situation will shift your mood and let go of unhelpful energies.


Find more tool and techniques in my posts about the shadow side.

Psychic Protection – Is It Necessary?

First of all, what is psychic protection?

It’s the act of protecting your energy on a daily basis or when approaching an environment that may have an impact on your energy such a crowded public places or when interacting with people that commonly leave you feeling deflated. The protection is created by asking for assistance from guides and angels or by visualisations.

I was taught many years ago that energy protection is essential not only on a daily basis but whenever I’m interacting with anyone and particularly when going anywhere with crowds or groups – shopping centres, restaurants, pubs etc. At this time, this made sense to me as I was becoming increasingly sensitive to the energy of the people and places around me and felt that this was something within my control that would help me to feel comfortable.

What I’ve come to realise though is that perpetuating the need for psychic protection only  gives power to a fear that something bad might happen without the protection. This is no different to any other fear that we would naturally want to overcome. I have discovered the freedom in trust, compassion and love. Once you access the full potential of these three qualities, you will understand that there really is nothing to fear.


You may have been told to be wary because “darkness is attracted to the light”, but remember that our guides tell us again and again that there is nothing to fear in life. We do not need to fear the darkness. If affected by it, we are capable of sending it love and healing. We need to remember that we have access to all the energy we need within us. We are able to access divine energy of our own will.

You do not need to be afraid of the affects of other people’s energy. No-one can take your energy unless you give it to them and no-one can give you their negativity unless you accept it. Trust in your own ability to access the energy you need. Trust that you have control over how other people affect your energy.


Compassion for others is about accepting where other people are at on their journey. This means being free from judgement. Using that trust, knowing that everything is as it is meant to be and finding peace in the acceptance of that. Once true acceptance has been found then it is easy to give compassionate love to everyone you encounter knowing that there is an endless supply of love within you. By offering your love to others (even those considered to be “energy vampires”) you do not need to feel depleted. The depleted feeling comes from a judgement that the person is not deserving of unconditional love, but of course they are, as we all are.


As you raise your vibration and become more “light” you will only be susceptible to the energies of others if you allow it to be so. Fear is only as real as the attention you give to it. Once you stop believing in it, it ceases to exist. Instead of asking for psychic protection, ask for guidance on how to be free from fear and access your inner wellspring of unconditional love. Replace judgement with compassion and and love will follow you wherever you go.

During your process of releasing your fear if you do find yourself feeling depleted due to the impact of other people, use this as an opportunity to explore your thoughts and beliefs and perhaps consider seeing a healer or doing some self healing to restore your natural energy flow. Every challenge is an opportunity for growth!

All the best for the holiday season and remember – if you notice any judgements creeping in, see if you can find compassion and forgiveness. Ask for guidance on how to be more loving and express your truth!

11.11.11 Messages for the year ahead

During my 11:11 ceremony on Friday morning I asked for messages for the remainder of 2011 and for the year ahead. These messages were confirmed by the cards that I selected. Details below:

Advice for the remainder of 2011…

Colours: Pink, Red, Orange

Courage: Find the courage to be true to yourself and act with integrity.

Mary Magdalene: Find unconditional love for yourself and others. Rise above the need to defend your position and find peace in accpetance.

Sexuality: Now is the time to heal any issues affecting your sexuality/sacral area. These issues usually stem from childhood relating to guilt, shame and self worth. Regain the pleasure that comes from sex, intimacy and sensuality.

Advice for the year ahead…

Colours: Blue, Purple, Turquoise.

Intuition: Learn to trust your instincts over your logical mind. Listen to your heart.

Rhiannon: Get outdoors, connect with nature, animals and the universe. This will assist you in reconnecting with your true spirit and purpose. Share your love, insights and healing abilities with others.

Celebrate: Connect with people you love and collectively put your energy into celebrating the joys of life, both big and small. By demonstrating appreciation you attract more joy.

An overview – now is the time to focus on healing any long-standing issues, finding courage to face your demons and accessing love and acceptance for all. Those who go through this transformation will access increase spiritual and intuitive abilities and discover their true purpose in life. Everyone is encouraged to celebrate everything you have to be grateful for in life.

Spiritual Healing Explained Pt 2

Click here to read part 1 of this post.

Spiritual Healing also assists with complex and unusual issues. The client may be aware of such issues or they may present themselves during the session. For example…

Past Lives can impact and influence our behaviours, beliefs and personality in this life. Trauma or emotional pain from previous lifetimes can be carried with us throughout many lives. This may present in this life as phobias, anxiety, grief,  bodily symptoms, or unexplained emotions or physical sensations. I will be shown past lives that are ready to be healed and support the client to re-integrate lost elements of their soul.

Releasing Karma from all lifetimes and dimensions can facilitate deep healing and forgiveness as well as repair relationships that have been bound by karmic contracts. With my support, karmic bonds from this life and previous lifetimes can be severed and released.

Entity Removal is often necessary for individuals that have never had a healing. When we are emotionally and energetically vulnerable we can open our self up for attack from dark energies that then reside in our light body. Entities can often go unnoticed however they may leave victims with a feeling of low energy, sluggishness or even bloating and pain. Entity removal may take quite some time and often requires significant healing energy to repair the body.

Spiritual healing is a useful approach when an individual is experiencing unexplained emotions or physical discomfort. I gain access to divine wisdom on the client’s behalf and support them to release what is no longer serving them, allowing for healing to take place and for greater spiritual enhancement. Would you like to find out more about spiritual healing? Feel free to contact me.

Spiritual Healing Explained Pt 1

Spiritual Healing is a broad term describing a combination of alternative techniques used for just about any life issue integrating energy work and guided visualisation, encouraging the recipient to take an active role in their own healing journey. In my therapy room the client lies face up on a massage table and is guided to quiet their mind and relax.

I have been trained and attuned to connect to spirit as well as the specific guides, angels and masters that are working with the individual (whether known or unknown) to provide an insight into their needs. I scan the body for problematic energy blockages and pain/trauma and follow my guidance to apply the appropriate technique. Some common techniques include:

Energy Balancing and Clearing involves channeling universal energy into the body and energy field as well as the removal of blockages that are ready to be cleared. This involves direct contact with the individual. When energy is being cleared, clients may feel lighter, more open and perhaps feel the need to cry, breathe deeply, yawn or express strong words or emotions. This is a normal and welcome part of the clearing process. When channelled energy is being received it may feel similar to reiki/seichim (I have attunements in both) and is different for everyone. Energy work leaves client feeling grounded, connected to spirit and energetically lighter. I use energy balancing in all healings in combination with other techniques.

Inner Child Rescue is the most commonly required healing approach. The client connects with a childhood scenario or event that was traumatic, damaging, emotional or powerful. This will either be determined by the individual prior to the healing or I will identify the event during the initial body scan. The client takes the perspective of the observer of this event and is then guided to foster a relationship with their child self, allowing them to voice their suppressed emotions and surrender toxic resentment.

Forgiveness means to let go of unhelpful blame, resentment, grudges and bitterness towards another. This does not mean to say that any harmful or abusive behaviour is being excused or permitted through the forgiveness process, more so that the self damage caused by holding onto this pain is released allowing for greater acceptance and self love.

Cutting Ties involves severing the unhelpful energetic ties that have been formed between the individual and people in their life. This will free up the client’s energy and give them a sense of taking their power back. This process can greatly improve relationships as the restrictive ties are removed and only the loving ones remain.

Mindfulness is the art of observation, pure awareness and connection with the present moment. This is incredibly helpful for those experiencing anxiety, flashbacks, stress or mind racing although anyone can benefit. Mindfulness gives the individual a peaceful break from their busy lives.

When is the right time to have a healing? All of us can benefit from having regular healings throughout our life journey. Times of change, trauma, ill health or stress may call for more frequent sessions. Listen to your intuition about when it feels right for you.

More information about spiritual healing in Pt 2 of this post