Free Dream Analysis

As part of the research I’m conducting for my book I’m now offering free dream analysis reports in exchange for the potential use of your story. Have you had a memorable dream and want to find out what it might be about? Here’s what you need to do:

1) Send an email to with the subject: Free Dream Report.

2) I will email you back a request for your full dream story including specific details and ask you for a snapshot of your waking life around the time of the dream.

3) You send me all the details I need. I may request additional information from you at this point.

4) I send you a report and ask for your feedback.

5) You reply with your feedback.

If your story is selected for the book I’ll let you know and you’ll be provided with a free copy! Spread the word. This offer is available until I have all the material I need. You are welcome to receive more than one dream report!

Here’s some tips on remembering your dreams.


The Shadow Side Pt 1

The Shadow Side concept is something that I use with both counselling and healing clients. Here’s a short excerpt from my book explaining the shadow side:

As we grow from children into adults we observe the behaviours of the people around us and decide on the person that we want to be. In doing so we also decide on what we do NOT want to be. For example, I may choose that I want to be accepting of others and that I most certainly DON’T want to be aggressive or angry. As a result, the part of me that is capable of being aggressive and angry is denied, disowned and locked away.

An easy way to determine aspects of your personality that you have disowned is to observe your judgements of others and your emotional reactions. If you find yourself becoming frustrated by the impatience of others then it’s likely you have denied your own impatience. If you feel outraged by stories of injustice then perhaps you have denied the part of you that is capable of injustice. If you commonly find yourself thinking or talking about your dissatisfaction with others, then you can guarantee that your shadow side aspects have been long denied and you can expect this to be reflected in your dreams as well as your waking experience.

Shadow side aspects of yourself will crop up again and again in your life in an effort to find acceptance and compassion however our normal response is to push them further away. This will only perpetuate the issue and give more power to things in your life that you cannot control.

There are two kinds of disowned selves. The kind that is an active part of your personality that you’re ashamed of and the kind that is completely hidden away that you believe is not a part of you at all. Let’s look at each in more detail.

Here’s an example where the disowned behaviour is active:

A woman who has a tendency to get frustrated and angry feels ashamed and embarrassed whenever she snaps at her partner yet when she observes her partner getting frustrated she becomes instantly intolerant and tells him that his behaviour is unacceptable.

Problem: She cannot tolerate her partner’s aggressive behaviour.

Question to ask herself: How do I also display this (aggressive) behaviour? The answer should be obvious to her.

Solution: Foster a more nurturing relationship with the angry and frustrated part of herself. (more ideas on how to do this in Pt 2 of this post)

And an example of a hidden disowned self:

A woman harshly judges people who eats unhealthy food. She is very strict about her own diet and feels uncomfortable when others consume junk food near her. 

Problem: She cannot tolerate the dietary choices of other people.

Question to ask herself: How do I also display this (unhealthy) behaviour? She may not have an unhealthy diet but may be able to identify another area of her life where she is capable of being unhealthy, for example, over working.

Solution: Foster a more nurturing relationship with the unhealthy part of herself. (more ideas on how to do this in Pt 2 of this post)

Continued in Part 2

Spiritual Healing Explained Pt 1

Spiritual Healing is a broad term describing a combination of alternative techniques used for just about any life issue integrating energy work and guided visualisation, encouraging the recipient to take an active role in their own healing journey. In my therapy room the client lies face up on a massage table and is guided to quiet their mind and relax.

I have been trained and attuned to connect to spirit as well as the specific guides, angels and masters that are working with the individual (whether known or unknown) to provide an insight into their needs. I scan the body for problematic energy blockages and pain/trauma and follow my guidance to apply the appropriate technique. Some common techniques include:

Energy Balancing and Clearing involves channeling universal energy into the body and energy field as well as the removal of blockages that are ready to be cleared. This involves direct contact with the individual. When energy is being cleared, clients may feel lighter, more open and perhaps feel the need to cry, breathe deeply, yawn or express strong words or emotions. This is a normal and welcome part of the clearing process. When channelled energy is being received it may feel similar to reiki/seichim (I have attunements in both) and is different for everyone. Energy work leaves client feeling grounded, connected to spirit and energetically lighter. I use energy balancing in all healings in combination with other techniques.

Inner Child Rescue is the most commonly required healing approach. The client connects with a childhood scenario or event that was traumatic, damaging, emotional or powerful. This will either be determined by the individual prior to the healing or I will identify the event during the initial body scan. The client takes the perspective of the observer of this event and is then guided to foster a relationship with their child self, allowing them to voice their suppressed emotions and surrender toxic resentment.

Forgiveness means to let go of unhelpful blame, resentment, grudges and bitterness towards another. This does not mean to say that any harmful or abusive behaviour is being excused or permitted through the forgiveness process, more so that the self damage caused by holding onto this pain is released allowing for greater acceptance and self love.

Cutting Ties involves severing the unhelpful energetic ties that have been formed between the individual and people in their life. This will free up the client’s energy and give them a sense of taking their power back. This process can greatly improve relationships as the restrictive ties are removed and only the loving ones remain.

Mindfulness is the art of observation, pure awareness and connection with the present moment. This is incredibly helpful for those experiencing anxiety, flashbacks, stress or mind racing although anyone can benefit. Mindfulness gives the individual a peaceful break from their busy lives.

When is the right time to have a healing? All of us can benefit from having regular healings throughout our life journey. Times of change, trauma, ill health or stress may call for more frequent sessions. Listen to your intuition about when it feels right for you.

More information about spiritual healing in Pt 2 of this post

Remembering Your Dreams

Here’s an excerpt from my upcoming book “Dreams: Messages From Your Subconscious” about remembering your dreams:

Many people say that they’re not able to remember their dreams or that they don’t dream at all. Research suggests that almost all of us do dream even if we have no recollection whatsoever of a dream ever occurring. We are more likely to remember a dream if we are awoken in the middle of it and record it’s details right away. The dreams we remember the most are not surprisingly then the dreams we are experiencing just before waking in the morning, even more so if you are sleeping later than usual.

Quite often, dreams are simply a jumbled ‘rerun’ of the past few days of our lives that hold little meaning. They are simply filing-the-data so to speak. It makes sense then that the majority of these dreams are not remembered.

In my experience I’ve discovered that we tend to remember the dreams that we’re meant to remember.  The vivid, scary, emotional or puzzling dreams, the ones that stick in our memory are the ones that our subconscious is using as a message or warning to our conscious mind. So take it easy on yourself if you don’t consistently remember your dreams. Then when you do have one that’s memorable be sure to document it so that you can investigate it’s meaning.

There’s no doubt about it, the sooner you write down your dream after waking the better your chances are of remembering each and every detail. I make it a habit to type up the particulars of intense dreams shortly after I wake to avoid forgetting it and I keep a notebook next to the bed to record dreams in the middle of the night.

First of all it’s best to just allow yourself to write the details of your dream without trying to analyse it along the way. If you prefer to type open a blank document and allow yourself to type freely. Come back to fix typos and rearrange dream events once everything is recorded. If you’d rather write by hand, you might want to dedicate a notebook to dream work. Once again, be sure to write down as much as you can remember before attempting to analise. Even a few notes jotted down of a scrap of paper is better that nothing.  Try to write the events of your dream sequentially and be as specific as possible to ensure that you don’t miss anything.

Now every time you reread those words they will transport you back to the visuals of your dreams. Without doing this vital step, your dream and the message within it may be lost forever.

Dreams have a strong link to our creative side therefore those who dedicate ample time and energy to expressing your creativity along with those who meditate regularly and have a good memory in general are more likely to remember their dreams. If you genuinely have no memory of dreams whatsoever, perhaps try meditation or find a creative outlet and see if your dream recall improves.

If you would like more communication from your subconscious, set your intention to receive guidance and have a memorable dream just before you fall asleep and thank your inner wisdom in advance.

I will be offering a number of free dream analysis reports later this year as I gather dream stories and material for my book. Start recording your dreams now (and the dates too) if you would like to take part!