Do you apologise frequently and/or unnecessarily? Maybe you suspect you do but your not sure? Spend a few days observing and noticing your “sorry” habits, taking note of how often you apologise and whether you have done it in the appropriate context.

The dictionary meaning for “apologise” is this:

To express regret for something that one has done wrong.

Have you done anything wrong? Do you regret your actions? If not, then an apology is not necessary! Here’s a quick tip for breaking the “sorry-itis” habit.

Replace “Sorry” with “Thankyou”.

Because in many cases that is the true essence of what you would like to say.

For example “Sorry to keep you waiting” becomes “Thankyou for your patience” and “Sorry things didn’t go to plan” becomes “Thankyou for your understanding”.

People respond more positively to gratitude and praise than they do to being apologised to (especially when it’s not necessary) AND the beauty of this approach is that it will put you in touch with what you truly wish to communicate, leaving you not only feeling more satisfied but also having others notice your integrity and authenticity. Give it a try!


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