A Fresh Start

I bet I’m not the only one that is glad we’ve moved into the second half of the year. Many of us were struggling with what felt like old issues on steroids towards the end of June. The arrival of July has brought with it a lovely momentum and energy to start achieving the goals you’ve just been talking about waaaay too long. The first half of this year had us feeling as if we constantly had one puzzle piece missing, preventing us from charging forward in any area of our life. But I know I wasn’t the only one that found that the puzzle piece miraculously dropped in my lap on the first of July. There it was. No effort required – just trust.

And since then, I have been full steam ahead! Some days I’ve been SO charged and excited about where I am headed that I notice my heart is beating just a little bit faster – and we’re only 4 days in!

Aware souls have been presented with challenges and had the opportunity to face their fears – some of us had no choice but to do so and in the lead up to July’s eve we may have felt a little unsettled. But now, hopefully you can see that all was divine and for our soul’s growth.

So, do you know where you’re headed? Get clear on your goals and intentions right now because there in energy around that will support you along your path, with fresh energy and incredible momentum!




Gratitude is by far the quickest and easiest way to experience more love and joy in your life.

Rather than directing our attention always towards what we want and what we are lacking, gratitude invites us to find appreciation for what we already have. Studies have shown that taking a few minutes to think about, talk about and document what we are grateful for, even just once per week can have a huge impact on our overall happiness.

Consider the potential here. An investment (that’s actually free) of even a few minutes per week could greatly improve your day to day feelings of joy and happiness. Easy huh? Worth it huh? I reckon so!

This should be fun and easy, not like a chore at all. If you feel as though you are forcing it or getting caught up in comparisons or thoughts about lack then take a break and come back to it another time.

Bringing gratitude into your life can be informal and as simple as closing your eyes and thinking about the things, people and circumstances that you appreciate. If you have the time to write these things down and then discuss them with someone else you will experience more ongoing feeling of joy than if you just think about it but both approaches are valuable.

As you do this, start to notice how appreciation feel just like love… that’s because it is love! Gratitude is simply loving your life as it is. A perfect way to experience more love everyday!



Love. It’s probably our main motivator in life. We thrive on it. Many of us are seeking more of it, often trying to find it using unhelpful habits and attention seeking behaviour.

Love is our life force. Receiving it means that we feel validated and accepted, in caveman times, being accepted as part of a community was vital to survival. Deep down, we know that we need love in our lives.

There are, however a few problems with the way that we can crave and seek out love. Expecting love to be “given” to us by others or “looking for love in all the wrong places” can leave us feeling unfulfilled yet desperate for more. It is a vicious an exhausting cycle whereby we believe that we need love from others – yet genuine love can difficult to find and almost impossible to sustain.

I have a remedy for this. If you find yourself saying/thinking “I want to be loved”, then I propose a simple change from “I want to be loved” to “I want to be loving”. One is reliant entirely on other people and one is empowered and self sustaining. And guess what, the feeling generated within us is the same! And when we are loving towards everyone and everything in our lives including ourselves, we have the opportunity to keep that loving feeling going indefinitely.

This is a simple concept yet it’s not one that is widely adopted. We fall into the trap of believing that love needs to come from outside of us rather than enjoying the love that is available within us! And I’m not just talking about romantic love, I mean love in the sense of gratitude and appreciation for what you have.

So why not give it a try? Choose to be loving rather than waiting for love to track you down. You may just find that you enjoy life more than ever!

be loving

What’s new!

So it’s been a long time since I’ve done a post on this blog and I’m hoping to get back into regular updates as of now! As you can imagine, I’ve been very busy in my new role as a mother. My daughter is nearly 11 months old now! As many of you know I’ve been seeing clients for a few months now, I have around 4 sessions open per week, still only $55 per hour. Get in touch if you’d like to make a booking.

Also I have a new website. Please check it out. You can see all the info about my upcoming Gold Coast workshops as well as access my free mindfulness recordings.

There is much more exciting stuff to share but I have a newsletter coming out soon so I don’t want to repeat myself. If you’re not on my mailing list, please join. I Look forward to catching up with you soon!


My daughter Dottie!


Born at 8:40am on Thursday 26th July. Yes, a bit later than expected but perfect in every way.
Thanks to my clients and community for your support during my pregnancy and birth.

She is a week old today and we are still finding our feet. I encourage clients to email me, updating me on where you’re at and to keep in touch.

My Journey: Listening to my body Pt 1

Over the past two years I have developed a relationship with my body that I never would have thought possible. It began while trying to uncover the reason behind why I was having trouble conceiving a child – more on that here.

First step was a blood test interpreted by professionals that I trusted and respected (my holistic doctor and dietician) which identified a number of deficiencies including iron, zinc, b12, magnesium, vitamin D and cholesterol. Yes I had a cholesterol level that was too low – I didn’t even know that was possible. A few years prior, I’d had a blood test that also reported low cholesterol but was told by a doctor that this was a positive thing!

On top of this it was also found that I had a digestive parasite which was the cause of my abdominal discomfort. I started an intensive digestive cleanse first to eliminate the parasite. This involved taking a range of different high dose anti parasitic herbs and a double dose of probiotics. My diet was pretty good so I didn’t have to make many changes here, just buckle up and get through the next 3 months of taking up to 6 tablets at every meal!

Before too long I began to notice that within an hour taking my iron tablet in the morning that I would have a tummy ache. This observation allowed the doctor to identify that the parasite was feeding on the iron in my diet (causing the unpleasant symptoms and my low iron levels) and we were then able to raise my iron level using other methods. I loved that my observations had led to a big win for my health and I thanked my body for providing such a clear message.

About halfway through the cleanse I started to get an unexplainable intuitive sense that I was taking too much of one particular herb. There was no direct evidence, just a very strong feeling so I reduced my dose and reported what I had done at my next docs appointment. My doctor always encouraged me to trust my body and my instincts. He stated that as the parasite was reducing I could reduce my dose of this herb and ensured me that I had made the right decision. This sort of confirmation allowed me to develop my communication with my body and fully trust the messages I was receiving from within.

The cleanse provided me with a platform upon which to practice and hone my mind-body connection. Numerous times I felt guided to take more or less of certain tablets or to avoid or include particular foods and was always confirmed not only through the observable feedback from my body but also from the professional guidance I received from my doctor and dietician.

I reached a place of confidence, knowing that I can fully trust my body to steer me towards optimum health. I don’t think I would have found this journey so easy if it weren’t for the amazing health professionals I’m connected with.

Once my many deficiencies were corrected and I became pregnant, I lost a tolerance for many foods and had cravings for salty, starchy, fried and crunchy foods… and not much else.

Then I faced a challenge which ultimately confirmed what I already knew but not without completely unsettling me first! I spoke to the naturopath at the health food store about how I was feeling and told her that for the time being I could only tolerate certain foods. She told me that everything I was doing was wrong and that I had to eat XYZ regardless of how I felt in order to support my baby. She went on to tell me that she’s had 3 children and that I needed to change what I’m eating immediately in order to ensure my child was being properly nourished.

Heavy! Especially after my difficult journey leading up to eventually conceiving. I started to doubt myself and feel guilty. For the first time in months I thought “maybe my body is wrong” and “maybe the lack of fresh vegies etc. in my diet is having a negative impact on my baby.” I was in a difficult situation because eating the foods that I “should” have been eating caused me a whole range of unpleasant symptoms.

Nervous and losing faith in myself, I spoke to my doc and dietician who thankfully reassured me that my current eating habits were temporary and that I needed to trust my body without worrying about doing myself or my baby and damage. I actually believe that the worry and the self doubt was more damaging for me than the bland food was!

Before too long, my symptoms improved, my tastes changed and my health improved. This challenge reminded me that I don’t need to get sucked in to the opinions of others and that I have all the inner resources I need regarding my health.

Part two of this post (about pain, exercise and massage) coming soon!


Do you apologise frequently and/or unnecessarily? Maybe you suspect you do but your not sure? Spend a few days observing and noticing your “sorry” habits, taking note of how often you apologise and whether you have done it in the appropriate context.

The dictionary meaning for “apologise” is this:

To express regret for something that one has done wrong.

Have you done anything wrong? Do you regret your actions? If not, then an apology is not necessary! Here’s a quick tip for breaking the “sorry-itis” habit.

Replace “Sorry” with “Thankyou”.

Because in many cases that is the true essence of what you would like to say.

For example “Sorry to keep you waiting” becomes “Thankyou for your patience” and “Sorry things didn’t go to plan” becomes “Thankyou for your understanding”.

People respond more positively to gratitude and praise than they do to being apologised to (especially when it’s not necessary) AND the beauty of this approach is that it will put you in touch with what you truly wish to communicate, leaving you not only feeling more satisfied but also having others notice your integrity and authenticity. Give it a try!